Sign up for büro bowls and get delicious, energizing and healthy lunches delivered straight to your workspace. Just select your preferred bowls and desired delivery schedule using the form below. For more information on the program, read our FAQ below.

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Step Three: Choose Your Bowls
We'll rotate your selected bowl options throughout the program.

Note: Once you submit your information, we will send you an electronic invoice that you can click to pay.  Thank you.


1. What are büro bowls all about? 

The büro bowls are all about healthy, happy eating. Through our partnership with local startup della bowls, we will be providing participating members with delicious, plant-based lunches. The menu focuses on nutrient-dense, sustainably sourced ingredients that are organic and local when possible. Each bowl is packed full of a colorful array of warming grains, energizing proteins, healthy fats, and hydrating vegetables.  The menu is gluten-free, processed sugar-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free.

2. How does the büro bowls program work?

We are pleased to offer a customized 4-week meal-plan to Büro members (which will be renewable for those who wish to continue). You can choose between the following two subscription plans:

1.     Tuesdays only x 4 weeks ($49)

2.     Tuesdays and Thursdays x 4 weeks ($99)

Members can select from five different bowl options. To keep things interesting, we'll rotate your selected options throughout your subscription period. If you'd like specific items delivered on specific days, please let us know in the "special instructions" section.

3. When will my lunch be delivered?

A fresh, delicious meal will be delivered to your Büro lounge on your selected days at 12:30pm.  

4. Which bowls should I choose?

Tough question... We love all of them! To help you choose, we'll be doing a tasting session with samples at Büro Midtown and Büro MiMo.

5. What happens if I'm out of the office when my lunch is delivered?

If you'll be out of the office during the delivery period, please notify your Büro community manager. We'll place your meal in the Büro refrigerator for you, where it can be stored for up to two days.  Our bowls are made of biodegradable, compostable material that's microwave safe, so you can reheat them if desired (pro tip: they're also great cold!)