At DELLA, we lovingly prepare healthy, quick meals for all. Our vibrant menu combines familiar textures and formats with exciting, delicious flavors, and allows for 100% customization. Three basic ideas shape our approach: 


1) Real Food, No Tricks.

We have integrity. We serve health promoting, plant-based food that is whole and minimally processed. Our menu focuses on nutrient-dense, local, and sustainably sourced ingredients that are organic when possible. At DELLA, you can literally eat the rainbow. Each bowl is packed full of a colorful array of warming grains, energizing proteins, healthy fats, and hydrating vegetables.  Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and peanut- free, we cater to customers with common food allergies and sensitivities.



2) Back to Basics.


We are approachable. While our recipes are full of layered and complex flavors, our attitude favors simplicity. You won’t find complicated ordering processes or hard-to-pronounce ingredients here. We’re fun, easy, and our filling bowls will nourish your soul.

3) Quick is Key.


We are obsessed with efficiency. We know that you lead busy lives, and we want to make eating healthfully joyful, not stressful. Our mission is to bring you fresh, flavorful fuel that complements your on-the-go lifestyle.