Corporate team building experiences at della test kitchen

Wondering what to do for your next company team building adventure? We've got you and your team covered at della, with a variety of activities to suit any level of skill, involvement, and competition.  From chef demos to hands on workshops to full on top chef style competitions, our team can set your team up for a great day together and memories that will last forever!

Some options include: 

Lunch & Learn- The Basics of Building a Della Bowl: Guests learn how to create two della test kitchen “style” sauces, the feature of any della bowl! Chef presenter teaches guests how to properly layer a bowl with color, texture, and flavor, delving into detail about how to prepare ingredients to get the most bold expressions of items and make a perfect bowl. Guests take home two sauce recipes and instructions for building a della bowl at home.

South Florida Farm Tour: Hop on a bus with our farm-to-table expert to explore local farms in South Florida, and learn more about farm-to-table here in Miami. Start your day at della with Koba bowls for breakfast, eat lunch at a farm in Homestead, and finish the day's adventure with a Wynwood Yard garden-inspired della bowl. 

Create the Next House Favorite Bowl: Guests work in teams to create the next “house favorite” bowl for della test kitchen.  Teams are provided a variety of della ingredients, including all prepared vegetables, sauces, grains, etc that are used regularly in the della menu, as well as additional ingredients that have been fresh picked from the garden that day, and additional market basket ingredients, not usually found in the dtk menu. The competition gets heated as teams battle it out for best new bowl. 

Team Building Cooking Competition & Lunch: Guests work in teams, competing to create one della bowl, using recipes as well as pre-prepared ingredients provided. Following a short garden tour and brief demo/ explanation about della bowls, including proper layering, proportions, and style, guests are given a time frame to produce recipes provide, then use sauces and ingredients to create their competition bowl.  Market basket items from the garden and the kitchen will be introduced through the activity for increased suspense and fun!

And more! Customized experiences are available for groups of all sizes. Send inquires to for more information. 



Customized Field Trips available at The Wynwood Yard

"This magical space was created for YOU." Our welcome sign says it all.  The Wynwood Yard is a community space, aimed to elevate, educate, and empower all ages of our community.  

Groups of children of all ages can now enjoy curated activities and customized group experiences through our Wynwood Yard Field Trip Program.

Customized Field Trips are available mornings 9am-12pm, Tuesday through Friday, during the school year and through the summer months. Activities vary from group to group, according to group needs and themes, but may include: yoga or body movement; artistic expressions such as guided painting, drawing, or puppet making; theater and improv; gardening; culinary activities such as scissor salsa, and others. All activities, unless otherwise directed, focus on community, collaboration, consciousness, and harmony. 

Schedules vary according to group age and needs, but typically run 2-3 hours. Groups can be split up into 3-4 teams, rotating between activations around the yard, in 30 minute sessions. Groups of 15 to 200 are welcome! Activities and pricing depend on group size, age, needs, and activities selected. All field trips are 100% customizable. 

Lunch is optional as part of the field trip, but there no outside food is permitted at The Wynwood Yard. Lunch options may include any of the participating food concepts at The Wynwood Yard, depending on availability per scheduled date. 

Please contact for all Field Trip questions and inquiries.  


Field TRips collage.jpg


della test kitchen introduces "adashah," and the woman behind it


della test kitchen introduces "adashah," and the woman behind it

Meet Taylor Cohen, and the new amazing product she has created- "Adashah." Watch for new della bowls to include adeshah, an incredible new protein component to our bowls.

Q: What is adashah? 

A: "Adashah", from the Hebrew word meaning lentil, is a soy-free, gluten-free, organic, lentil-based vegan meat alternative. It is similar to tofu, in that it can be cooked the same ways, but without the soy! 

Q: Where does it originate?

A: Adashah is my brainchild, which originated in my tiny Brooklyn apartment. After playing around with different legumes and pulses, I discovered the red lentil was my favorite for this new meat alternative. 

Q: Where does the inspiration for Adashah come from? 

A: At age 18, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. In an effort to heal myself through nutrition, rather than settle for a possible remission on medications and a diet which suggested avoiding plants and fiber, I decided to focus on the healing powers of food.  Hypocrites' "Let food be thy medicine" became my motto, and with my background in outdoor education and organic farming, I took to the kitchen and connected to food on a different level. I was eager to create a plant-based meat alternative that was free of any controversial or trigger components such as soy and gluten. Adashah is made of just lentils, flax seed and turmeric, and is rich in natural plant-based healers. I intend on reaching complete health through nutrition for myself and others, and I am excited to have created a product that can make that mission easier, tastier and guilt free! 

Q: Why did you decide to launch it in Miami? 

After such a successful test launch at a Brooklyn vegan food festival, "Plant-Based Bushwick," where we sold out two hours early, I knew there was a demand for Adashah. The number one question asked was "where can we get more?" My team consisted of myself, my brother, Brandon, and my sister, Stephanie, without whom I could not have pulled it off. I was born and raised in Miami, and I knew there was a growing vegan and health-conscious community in South Florida.  After living in NYC, where the vegan community is thriving, I was eager to be a part of the amazing growth occurring in my home town, and to join a community of like-minded, healthy, happy souls!  Now, with my incredible brother as my business partner, and an amazing support group of friends and family in Miami, we're able to launch Adashah in a way that will make this product available to all.

Q: How does the product compare with other plant based protein products? 

A: Thus far, I have yet to find a plant-based protein product that is both gluten and soy free, comprised of ingredients I don't need to google,  and that actually tastes good without a mask of sauces. It's tasty with just some simple spices! There are no secrets in Adashah. Our number one goal is to leave you feeling healthy, and we do that by keeping our product clean and simple, while still being delicious and complex.

Q: How is it best prepared? 

A: My favorite is my family's traditional recipe. I first cut a block of Adashah into cubes and season it with paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, garlic powder and onion powder.  I heat a frying pan on medium heat with a little coconut oil, and add the cubes.  The Adashah cooks and crisps on all sides. Once it's browned, I add thinly sliced onions and fresh dill. We believe the crunchier the better, so just let those pieces sit and crisp before turning them on their other sides. 

Q: What has been your biggest lesson learned since you started? 

A: My biggest lesson since I've started is this:  nothing worthwhile, nothing with potential for greatness, will ever be easy. But the late nights, the trial and errors, the frustrations along the way? Those make the successes all the more clear and all the more enjoyable. There's always something else to learn and someone else to learn from, and it's all so worth it.

Q: What is your #1 goal for this year? 

A: I dream big, so to choose only one goal for this year is tough!  But, my number one goal for this year is for Adashah to be a regular option in vegan and non vegan restaurants for diners searching for a clean plant-based protein, without the gluten or soy.

Q: Where can people find Adashah? 

A: Adashah is popping up all around town. We can be found at markets throughout different locations of the Wynwood Farmers Market series, and will soon be available at della test kitchen!  You can also place personal orders for Adashah via email at

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @PureProteinProject for updates on which markets will be at and which restaurants you can come try us out at. 

Peace, Love, and Adashah.



catering for a healthier company


catering for a healthier company

Healthy food makes healthy employees. Healthy employees make healthy companies. It's simple economics... companies should be investing in the health of their work force. 


Healthy "lunching" as a general practice in corporate settings has proven to show positive results. Research shows that employees' eating habits can have a significant impact on productivity. Nutritious lunches and healthy habits lead to higher producing, more efficient employees, with less sick days and call-outs. This, of course, leads to a healthier bottom line for the company. 

Competitive Advantage

Companies that offer wellness initiatives, including encouraging and/or providing healthy dining options have a competitive edge over companies that do not. Even offering a weekly or monthly healthy lunch for employees, especially a lunch full of brain food, antioxidants, and micro & macro nutrients, is a great way for companies to take care of employees’ health and wellness.

Efficient Use of Time

Shorter lunches mean higher productivity.  Companies that offer lunch in-house are able to cut down the time it takes employees to search on line, place orders, travel outside of the office, prepare their own food, and wait for service. Less time worrying about lunch equals more time for productivity at the office.

Building Community

Eating a common meal together, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, builds in-house connections. Improve office communication by bringing employees together regularly for a healthy catered meal. Catered lunches in the workplace promote synergy, encourage collaboration, develop new relationships, introduce various departments, increase creativity and innovation.  Serving delicious "brain food" for lunch produces positive results in the short and long term for companies. 


della test kitchen caters to offices Downtown Miami, Brickell, Midtown, Wynwood, and the Design District. Bring your employees together, show you care about their wellness, and increase company productivity. Win, win, WIN!




work smarter with a healthy lunch


work smarter with a healthy lunch

Wondering what to eat for lunch at work today? If you are like many others working in an office environment, you are grabbing something quick and easy, but not necessarily healthy, and probably not "brain food" to help you through the rest of your day.  Or perhaps you are a "desk diner," nibbling on convenience snacks through the day at your computer, or munching a quick lunch on-the-go in between meetings. 

Lunch choices at the office define what happens in the afternoon, including how you feel and think, and your productivity throughout the second half of the day.  Lunch is critical to afternoon success, and a thoughtfully selected, nutrient-dense lunch can be the "maker" or "breaker" of your work day, day in and day out. 

Here are a few reasons to lunch smart and healthy: 

Increase Productivity

Your brain needs healthy fuel to keep it running efficiently through the day. Higher productivity & efficiency leads to higher success! Eat healthy, increase focus and efficiency, achieve your goals, improve your head space and your work life with healthy lunch habits. 

Did you know? Studies show that an unhealthy diet puts you at 66% increased risk of productivity loss. Feed your body "brain food" to do your best at work, at any time of the day. 

Enhance Mood

Food impacts all aspects of your health, including your brain's health, and its ability to regulate your mood. Maintaining a healthy gut, keeping a stable blood sugar level, and getting proper nutrition on a daily basis will help you feel better, and happier, most days. This includes helping you deal with stress, too!

Eating nuts, seeds, and other foods rich in omega-3 fats have been associated with improving mood, lowering risk of depression, and helping with the ability to deal with stress by moderating the body’s level of cortisol.

Regulate your physical health

Maintaining a healthy waistline often makes us feel better and more confident as we head into the work place, but more importantly, reducing body weight, even by 5-10%, can lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Keeping a healthy weight also improves energy levels, sleep quality, and over-all quality of life as more activities are available and enjoyable. Eating a nutrient dense diet is key to maintaining healthy body weight. 

Healthy food doesn't have to be boring! Liven up your work day with "healthy bowls of happy" from della test kitchen. Eat well, feed your brain and your body with nutrient dense food, and increase your success in work... and in life. 

Visit our online menu, then click on the delivery link to place your order.




farm-to-table in Miami? bring on the summer!


farm-to-table in Miami? bring on the summer!

(Photo Credit:  Melissa Sosa of Zak the Baker)

Nothing grows in Miami through the hot summer months. The concept of farm-to- table becomes an impossibility in South Florida, and we all have to turn to South America, the Mid West, and California for “good” produce…. Right? That’s what everyone says…

But, nothing could be more wrong! Summer is a great time to get more "in touch" with our local produce, and the amazing, unique, delicious varietals that grow in South Florida.   Sourcing locally through this time can make a more dynamic dining scene in Miami. True, some farms close for the summer as they recover their land and give the soil a break. These farms typically specialize in greens, herbs, night shades, and root vegetables. But, as these ones close for summer, there are farms and groves that flourish, teaming with beautiful fruits, roots, and interesting herbs and spices. The unique flavors of our tropical climate explode!

On May 31st, farmers, foragers, chefs, cooks, restauranteurs, and others interested in farm to table cooking and dining, joined to learn, taste, and discuss summer flavors available through the summer. The educational event, put on by the Slow Food Miami Chef Alliance, was held at the Wynwood Yard, tying in della’s own backyard garden to the discussion.

Adena Ellenby and husband, Walter, of LNB Groves, brought a truckload of ripe jackfruit to sample, showing off the variety of flavors of the different trees. Mamey, Canistel, Tropical Banana varieties, Yucca were also sampled and discussed. The grove also specializes in growing organic ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass, among other unique tropical fruits. Who knew jackfruit was the original inspiration for juicy fruit gum?! (The Ellenby's- that's who!)

Muriel Olivares, of Little River Cooperative, led the group through the gardens, which LRC oversees, explaining the varieties that grow right in Wynwood through the summer. Pointing out the everglades tomatoes, moringa trees, okra varieties, Cuban oregano, lemongrass, cranberry hibiscus, purslane, amaranth, and more as she went.  Tiffany Noe, Muriel’s partner, also showed off a bunch of fun ingredients to smell, sample, and discuss, including nopales, tamarind, papalo, kafir lime, lemon bay, bettle leaf, curry leaf, sweet potato leaf, and geranium.  Although the LRC doesn't run their CSA through the summer, they are still growing for a handful of restaurants, providing some of these interesting varieties that still grow through summer, and of course managing lots of gorgeous gardens like ours. 

Last but not least in the line-up was Emily Rankin, with Local Roots. Emily’s operation recently expanded into South Florida, now covering foraging through most of the state. She focused on the proteins available through the summer, highlighting brown shrimp and popper shrimp, and discussing local sustainable seafood varieties, egg sources, fruits, etc. Emily is passionate, inspiring, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local sourcing in any season of Florida. She told the group she was actually quite boring, because all she cares about is food and local sourcing. (Emily, for the record, we don't think that's boring- we think it's extraordinary!!) Local Roots sends out a weekly list of availability, and provides foraging and delivery services around Miami and throughout the state. To get on the distribution list, email

We enjoyed seeing an array of faces attend this event at the yard, including Chef Allen Susser (Café at Books and Books); Chef Venoy Rogers III (Essensia); Elad Zvi and his teams from The Anderson, Broken Shaker, and 27; Nicole Votano (Dirt), The team from "26 Sushi and Tapas;" Eleanor Hoh (the Wokstar); Chef Melissa Sosa from Zak the Baker; the team from Tequiza; and several board members of Slow Food Miami. Thank you to jugofresh and Chris and Paul of Per’la Specialty Roasters for the refreshments, to Julie Frans and Slow Food Miami for putting the event together, and to the special farmers and foragers for sharing the delicious flavors of summer in Miami with us all.

Join us at della test kitchen to savor local Mamey from LNB Groves in our new mamey custard dessert, available daily. Our monthly Shabbat dinners through the season will feature as much locally grown produce as possible, like the jack fruit lettuce wraps, roasted okra, green papaya salad, and turmeric curry tubers featured at our May Shabbat. This Friday at Shabbat, guests will enjoy BBQ Jackfruit wraps, local watermelon salad, and arancini served with a della’s garden salad.  Watch for our special iced tea blend, made with herbs and produce from our very own garden, coming soon! 

Farm-to-table does not have to stop in the summer months in Miami… actually, it can only get better! By tapping into the interesting, unique-to-Florida ingredients, through the knowledge and experience of our local, talented farmers and foragers, we actually can reach new heights in flavor profiles and exciting preparations.

 Adena Ellenby of LNB Groves

Adena Ellenby of LNB Groves


della Gets A “Snail!”


della Gets A “Snail!”

Every Spring, Slow Food Miami awards new chefs and producers the honorable “Snail of Approval” for their commitment to serving good, clean, fair food. The award also looks at how restaurants take care of their community, value sustainability, and source locally.  The annual fundraiser “Freshest Night Out,” which takes place each April, is an opportunity for Slow Food to showcase and announce these honorees, as well as return honorees and farmers, all in an effort to raise funds and awareness for edible school gardens.  All honorees must be nominated, interviewed, and vetted to ensure transparency and absolute honesty in sourcing and commitment to quality. 


della test kitchen was one of this year’s new Snail honorees, amongst such talents as Brad Kilgore (Alter), Brian Nasajon (Beaker and Gray), Nicole Votano (Dirt), Todd Kiley (Grown), Pablo Zitzmann (Trust & Co.),  Michael Kenney (Plant Food & Wine), Michael Fiorello (BeachCraft), Jessica Weiss (Serendipity), and many others.  Returning honorees who participated in this year’s even included such stand-outs as Alex Chang (Vagabond), Tim Andriola (Basil Park), James Bowers and Andre Barrientos (Miami Smokers), Allen Susser (Café at Books and Books), and Jacob Lindsay (Miami Brewing Co.) There were also about 12 farmers and foreagers showcased or attending.  Drinks from Grey Goose, Vinecraft, Kelvin Slushies, Per’la coffee, and several local breweries paired with the farm-to-table bites. 


This year’s event was held at the beautiful 1 Hotel and Homes, South Beach, on the beautiful evening of April 29th.  Celebrity Chef and TV personality, Tom Colicchio, hosted the evening, Evan Benn of Indulge magazine was the night’s articulate ambassador, and Lee Schrager of South Beach Wine and Food Festival showed up as the guest of honor.  Adequate funds were raised through the event to pay for 25 new school gardens in the 2016-17 school year, bringing Slow Food Miami’s projected count of edible gardens to over 200.

For more information on Slow Food Miami, see

Follow them on Facebook for info on monthly “snail socials,” which highlight Snail of Approval winners at free happy hours, as well as other events. 






We don't like to brag... but have you seen our garden lately? It's... well... kind of amazing. 

Did I hear you say you'd like to taste all the goodness we have growing there? That's good! Because it's actually quite easy. You just pop on over to visit us, order any DELLA bowl that has greens, kale, or herbs in it, and VOILA! You are actually eating farm-to-table! Or... guess we should call it... garden-to-bowl. 

Oh, really? That's not enough for you?  You want MORE!? Not to worry! We are actually going to SHARE our produce with you! It's too good to keep to ourselves.  So... on April 16, from 12-3 pm, we will actually be selling our harvest to you! Fresh picked, peak-season produce... this is for real. We are not joking around. We wouldn't do that. At least, not about this. 

Seriously. What could be better? Shopping for fresh picked (as in literally JUST picked) produce while eating a Della Bowl and drinking a green lemonade. Oh wait... and finishing it with an almond butter cup. 

Oh, it could get better! There is a free dance class at 3 pm for kids of ALL ages. (That means you.) Put your veggies in the shade and come shake your stuff to African drums. We're actually not sure if anything COULD get better than that. 

We are going to give you a little sneak peak (below) of what we have growing RIGHT NOW in our garden. Some of the things you might have never even seen or heard of! How in the world can we expect you to buy it, better yet... cook with it!? Not to worry! Our resident gardening extraordinaire chef- and hostess-with-the-mostess- Julie Frans- is going to be at our garden sale to explain everything and talk everything gardens and food. She's sort of a genius with this stuff. She even promises to have little take away cards with ideas and inspiration for you... just in case. 

A sprinkling of what we have growing right now at DELLA... Dandelion greens, Red leaf lettuce, Dino kale, Curly kale, Arugula, French sorrel, Red vein sorrel, Nasturtiums, Thyme, Oregano, Calendula, Mituna, Mizuna, Marigolds, Rosemary, Green onion, Tomatoes, Lemongrass, Escarole, Collards, Tarragon, Fennel, Bronze fennel, Swiss chard, Cilantro… and more!!!

DELLA bowl? Check! Bunches of seriously fresh produce? Check! Stay for African Dance Session? Check! Could a Saturday afternoon get any better?! See you April 16th!



DELLA 5.0 (A Five-Course Tasting Event)


DELLA 5.0 (A Five-Course Tasting Event)

On February 1st, we had a tasting event at River Oyster Bar in Brickell. The delicious 5-course menu featured our four house favorite bowls, paired with juices, smoothies, and our famous Banana Split dessert...


Our First Blog Post!


Our First Blog Post!

We had our first pop up event on Jan 18, partnering with the amazing Red Bike 

Studio to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. The hope was for us to be able to 

introduce ourselves to the local Miami scene and give a little more color to both the 

concept of DELLA and our story behind it...