Meet Taylor Cohen, and the new amazing product she has created- "Adashah." Watch for new della bowls to include adeshah, an incredible new protein component to our bowls.

Q: What is adashah? 

A: "Adashah", from the Hebrew word meaning lentil, is a soy-free, gluten-free, organic, lentil-based vegan meat alternative. It is similar to tofu, in that it can be cooked the same ways, but without the soy! 

Q: Where does it originate?

A: Adashah is my brainchild, which originated in my tiny Brooklyn apartment. After playing around with different legumes and pulses, I discovered the red lentil was my favorite for this new meat alternative. 

Q: Where does the inspiration for Adashah come from? 

A: At age 18, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. In an effort to heal myself through nutrition, rather than settle for a possible remission on medications and a diet which suggested avoiding plants and fiber, I decided to focus on the healing powers of food.  Hypocrites' "Let food be thy medicine" became my motto, and with my background in outdoor education and organic farming, I took to the kitchen and connected to food on a different level. I was eager to create a plant-based meat alternative that was free of any controversial or trigger components such as soy and gluten. Adashah is made of just lentils, flax seed and turmeric, and is rich in natural plant-based healers. I intend on reaching complete health through nutrition for myself and others, and I am excited to have created a product that can make that mission easier, tastier and guilt free! 

Q: Why did you decide to launch it in Miami? 

After such a successful test launch at a Brooklyn vegan food festival, "Plant-Based Bushwick," where we sold out two hours early, I knew there was a demand for Adashah. The number one question asked was "where can we get more?" My team consisted of myself, my brother, Brandon, and my sister, Stephanie, without whom I could not have pulled it off. I was born and raised in Miami, and I knew there was a growing vegan and health-conscious community in South Florida.  After living in NYC, where the vegan community is thriving, I was eager to be a part of the amazing growth occurring in my home town, and to join a community of like-minded, healthy, happy souls!  Now, with my incredible brother as my business partner, and an amazing support group of friends and family in Miami, we're able to launch Adashah in a way that will make this product available to all.

Q: How does the product compare with other plant based protein products? 

A: Thus far, I have yet to find a plant-based protein product that is both gluten and soy free, comprised of ingredients I don't need to google,  and that actually tastes good without a mask of sauces. It's tasty with just some simple spices! There are no secrets in Adashah. Our number one goal is to leave you feeling healthy, and we do that by keeping our product clean and simple, while still being delicious and complex.

Q: How is it best prepared? 

A: My favorite is my family's traditional recipe. I first cut a block of Adashah into cubes and season it with paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, garlic powder and onion powder.  I heat a frying pan on medium heat with a little coconut oil, and add the cubes.  The Adashah cooks and crisps on all sides. Once it's browned, I add thinly sliced onions and fresh dill. We believe the crunchier the better, so just let those pieces sit and crisp before turning them on their other sides. 

Q: What has been your biggest lesson learned since you started? 

A: My biggest lesson since I've started is this:  nothing worthwhile, nothing with potential for greatness, will ever be easy. But the late nights, the trial and errors, the frustrations along the way? Those make the successes all the more clear and all the more enjoyable. There's always something else to learn and someone else to learn from, and it's all so worth it.

Q: What is your #1 goal for this year? 

A: I dream big, so to choose only one goal for this year is tough!  But, my number one goal for this year is for Adashah to be a regular option in vegan and non vegan restaurants for diners searching for a clean plant-based protein, without the gluten or soy.

Q: Where can people find Adashah? 

A: Adashah is popping up all around town. We can be found at markets throughout different locations of the Wynwood Farmers Market series, and will soon be available at della test kitchen!  You can also place personal orders for Adashah via email at

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @PureProteinProject for updates on which markets will be at and which restaurants you can come try us out at. 

Peace, Love, and Adashah.